Tagging an invoice leads to incorrect bank balance

I am new to this and i have connected my bank and have added a few invoices. However, i have not emailed them out to my clients as they do not have an email address and wish them printed instead. I have updated as paid but then once i do this my account then shows 2 payments showing and invoices when updated to paid does not match balance on my bank account.

Don’t update them as paid from the invoice screen. Tag the bank transaction and find the customer then tick the invoice from there.

Delete the double entries

Thanks. I have tagged the bank transaction against the customer. I then export info ? However, once i then go back into the invoices it still states that they are outstanding??

You may tagged the transaction to your customers account and not against their invoice. Or you created a new invoice as you tagged the transaction in your bank account. You may check first all your invoices for duplicates and then the costumers account for payments kept on their account.

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