Tagging bank charges


I have set up my UK bank account and an overseas account in PLN.
The overseas account charges me fees in PLN but I can not create a purchase from that account. Quick file asks how much was taken from the UK account while the fee was taken form the PLN account.

Furthermore how will I be bale to account for any other purchases paid from my PLN account?

Any help?

If you first go to the PLN account and add a “money out” transactions for the bank charge.

You will then be able to tag this as a “payment to a supplier”, enter the name of the bank, description and category then save.

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Thank you

I noticed that the system assigns the exchange rate automatically but it seems to be different than the actual rate.
Is there any way of providing my own exchange rate?


The rate is based on XE.com which is recognised by HMRC. You can override the exchange rate when entering sales and purchase invoices in a foreign currency, you can also set the rate manually while logging payments.

Thank you Glenn

I have noticed that I can actually make a payment from the PLN when I pay an outstanding purchase.
It would be much easier if the option to pay from the PLN account was available when creating a new purchase.

Also, I have noticed that when creating a VAT invoice in Polish (which is a very nice feature)
the “Client VAT Number” phrase is not translated. It should be “Numer VAT nabywcy”.

Just a thought


There’s a lot going on in the UI when the invoice and bank account are in a different currency. The payment box handles this but it was very tricky to integrate this into the inline payment options. Also it’s a very rare scenario for most businesses.

We don’t officially support Polish translations right now only because our database design won’t hold unicode characters. Any attempt to translate would be pretty ropey. Changing the database design is a pretty huge job that we’re unlikely to commit to in the near future.

Thank you Glenn

I understand. Do I actually need to issue invoices in other languages if I sell to foreign businesses?
I am not VAT registered.

There is no requirement to do so.

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