Tagging bank movements to invoices created previously


I would like to tag 1 bank movement to 2 purchases, but they do not show as created when i am tagging.
21/02/2014 … LONDON … 467.84
should be tagged to purchases
QF00613 … LONDON … (113.49)
QF00614 … LONDON … (354.35)
How can i solve this?


You need to log payment from invoice screen itself and delete 467.84 entry from bank

Thanks. That is a solution but not how it should work ideally.
Another solution is to tag the payment to the supplier without assigning an invoice and then go to the purchase and tag from the amount available in the supplier account.


what if multiple invoices are not from same supplier?

A better way when Tagging is to choose Payment to a Supplier as usual and then:

‘Pay down multiple purchases or assign to a supplier account’

Select the Supplier and all their invoices are listed and you can allocate accordingly. That is really slick and avoids deletions!


but it wont work for multi suppliers

For multiple suppliers I have created an additional bank account and transfer that payment there, then pay from that account leaving it at zero until the next time.


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