Tagging - Can't pay down multiple invoices

I have imported my bank statement and I have three bank credits which pay for multiple invoices. I want to tag them, but when I click ‘pay down multiple invoices’ it freezes just after I enter the name of the client. Can you help please?

I mentioned this last month, but had already sorted it manually, so you weren’t able to see what I meant.


I will send you a separate private message to get some more info from you. That way I can see what’s going on.

Hi Glenn, I’m restricted to 3 replies, so I’m back here.

It freezes just after I enter the client name - during the search for relevant invoices.

OK we’ll try to look further into this but it’s very difficult to come to any conclusion without being able to replicate the precise problem. If it’s a browser issue it will likely get reported by other users. The only other thing I can suggest for now is perhaps switching to Chrome.

Thanks Glenn. Will do.

Having taken a closer look at the code, we have a suspicion about what may be causing the freezing. We’ve made a minor adjustment which we hope will fix the problem. I think it will go live tomorrow so after that let me know if the problem persists.

Thank you for your patience!

Interesting! Thanks for taking the time to investigate this Glenn. I’ll let you know if it works at the end of the month!

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