Tagging colour for incomplete tagging

Hi Glenn

I was wondering if it would be good idea to have a different colour for the ‘tagged’ button in banking if there was some un-allocated amount? Just so there is some indication for the user that this amount is not fully allocated.

Here is an example:


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I have also realised that i am unable to put the balance under the client account as payment on account.

The client has paid for next month in advance, so there is no invoice existing for it in the system.
(there is a recurring invoice in place so i don’t want to go in and create an invoice manually for this client).

At the moment , i can see that the total amount received sitting under the debtors control account as full payment from the client, so this means its accounting correctly. But ia m unable to see any payment on account under the client.

I think this is a red hearing, i suppose if when tagging, the option to select both invoices & payment on account was available then there won’t be this issue.

I suppose if payment on account can be selected together with other invoices, then its fully tagged and we won’t need a different colour to show some of the amount is unallocated?
However we may need a separate colour in a different situation where there are unallocated amounts.

What do you think?


Just had a play about with this on a test account, and I notice that if I tag say £1000.00 to multiple invoices and leave some unallocated, it simply attaches itself to the clients account (as shown below)

The same appears on the payment record:

And the £697.60 appears on the client’s account:

Does this help?

i just went in and looked at it again, and it has appeared in the client account. Not sure why it did not when i first looked.
Thanks for this.

What do you think about having a different tag colour for bank transactions that are not fully allocated?

do you know how to allocate this unallocated amount to an invoice later?


To use the credit, you can go into the invoice itself, select ‘log payment’, and click ‘apply from credit’:

I’m not sure about a different colour personally. The only colour I would suggest would be orange, but this is used for pending (auto tagging). I’d be afraid, from a UX point of view, that it would confuse things.

As with other feature requests I will leave open for others to comment or add their vote.

Thanks Glenn & Parker.

I can totally understand that from UX perspective it will be difficult. Maybe there could be some other way to alert a user that there is some unallocated amount sitting in a tagged transaction.

If you go to Sales >> Payments, you can actually set the following option to reveal all unallocated payments.

You can also get a summary of all clients/suppliers with similar credit balances from the respective client and supplier search screens. You can even order the results by credit balance size.

Dropping this into the bank as well seems like overkill and technically even though there is an unallocated credit… in the context of bank reconciliation the item is explained (i.e. tagged). Changing what this means will be confusing.


Hi Glenn

Just following up from your last post.
Thank you for having the option to select ‘unallocated’ items under sales/purchase payments. It has been very helpful. I have a client who has somehow managed to tag a few transactions without allocating them to anything. Mostly purchases.

As an accountant, i understand this and have been able to find these transactions via the advance search option. However, for a non-accountant end-user i still feel that it will be handy to have some sort of indication when tagging that - that particular transaction has not been fully tagged. This indication does not have to be a different colour, it just be some sort of alert somewhere.

Or maybe QF should not allow an item to be ‘fully’ tagged if there is any un-allocated amount… as a control it should prevent the tagging in the first place?

In the context of bank reconciliation - all amounts should be allocated (not just tagged with unallocated amounts!).

Best regards

What do you mean by “fully tagged”? We don’t have any partially tagged status, an item on the bank is either tagged or untagged.

Hi Glenn

When there is unallocated balance in a tagged transaction, then its not fully tagged.

Maybe this is what the client is doing. Saving a supplier payment under the supplier.

If this is the case, then yes, i agree the transaction has been fully tagged , however maybe to rephrase my initial question - it would probably be handy to see a tagged transaction has unallocated balance.

OK so to show bank entries which are tagged to the client/supplier account but not allocated to an invoice?

To be honest trying to build that data into the statement view will not be possible as it will require too many look-ups and will significantly affect page load times. Also the part tagged status is very subjective, you may say it’s part tagged when allocated to a client but not an invoice, others may have a different interpretation.

There are already ways to see funds on account, i.e. by listing all clients and ordering by credit balance.

Apologies Glenn for delay in replying.
I agree.
Many thanks

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Shame we can’t show that there’s money that hasn’t been allocated from that payment though, would be easier when going through the tagging. And we could even have a “log payment from credit” as a drop down when tagging?
I suppose i just have to remember if a client has overpaid. Then go to the specific invoice and log a payment using the apply from credit?

PS. I suppose i’m looking for similar to the partial payment colouring, so a “Partially Tagged” button

my vote still stands. If do-able, its a practicle dfeature to have.

I realised that this post was done before the voting system came in.
I have included my vote.