TAGGING (cross)

I have tagged entries on the bank statement & some have a red cross at the side & some a grey cross. What is the significance of this?

Red cross means you can delete the transaction by clicking the :x:. Grey cross means you can’t, which can be for a number of reasons, the most common being

  1. If the transaction is a payment from a customer or to a supplier that is locked by a cash accounting VAT return
  2. If the transaction relates to a journal - to delete these you must edit or delete the journal.
  • note that journals sometimes happen in the background without you explicitly creating one, for example when you split a “something not on the list” across more than one nominal code, or if you tag a salary payment when “post net wages to balance sheet only” is turned off

There are other less common situations that can cause this too.

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In addition to Ian’s post, if you have just added the entries the cross will be grey as well for a few seconds, so the system can do all the necessary entries and connection to invoices and accounts in the background. If you refresh the page after a few seconds or couple of minutes they cross should show up red.
It is, I think, a system security measurement, so that you can not delete or amend that entry while the system is processing it and recording it everywhere necessary.

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