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Tagging foreign purchases in Sterling bank account


Does anyone know if it is possible to tag a bank transaction directly from the bank account feed as a foreign currency purchase without having to recreating the bank transaction? The transaction was a purchase on a credit card and the bank converts to sterling while the original transaction was in a foreign currency.

No, it isn’t possible. You need to log the payment from the purchase invoice itself, entering the GBP amount, which will create a pre-tagged transaction, then delete the untagged one from the feed.

The only way around it would be to bridge via another holding “bank” account in QuickFile - log the payment on the purchase to the holding account, then tag the feed transaction as a transfer to the same account to balance things. That’s what I do for payments by TransferWise where the GBP amount is part foreign currency payment and part explicit GBP fee.

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Thanks for your assistance Ian.

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