Tagging Issues

Hi, I am having issues with tagging.
I’ve created some Bank Tagging rules but these don’t seem to apply to my current accounts lists.
When creating it says its found 227 items that reflect my “Match Text” but when i look at my current account they still show as “Tag Me” in red and not “Confirm”, which is what i would have expected.
Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve been tagging them with the “something else not on this list”, but thats not ideal.

Hi @unclechunk

The bank tagging rules check entries upon their creation - it won’t go back and check anything untagged.

What are you tagging to ‘something else not on the list’? Perhaps there’s a suitable nominal code someone on these forums could suggest for you?

ok, so future ones should come up then?

As long they match, they should do. As you mentioned above, you should see the ‘Confirm’ button appear rather than ‘Tag Me!’

You could even create a test transaction to try it, and then delete it afterwards

ok, thanks, i’ll set a few up and see what happens.

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