Tagging Job card to Sales Invoice

How can you tag job card uploaded (pdf) to sales invoice similar to purchase invoice tag.

At present there is no option to tag sales invoice (or create). I do not now what is reason for this ommission.
As far as my programming knowledge is concerned this is not a difficult task.


Hi @hemant

This is possible from the invoice itself. You’ll find the same file attach/upload options at the bottom of the invoice preview screen as you would a purchase Invoice.

The only difference between them is purchases can be linked through the Receipt Hub, whereas sales invoices can’t.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply.

Procedure you have described is not what I was looking at.

Logically likewise purchases, ability to create sales invoice should be made available from Receipt Hub. That make more sense
I appreciate at present this functionality is not available, but could be put forward for top priority improvement.


You’re certainly welcome to post a #feature request for this (there may already be one), but in regards to the receipt hub, it’s primarily for that - receipts.

But we’re more than happy to consider this for future development.

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