Tagging multiple invoices - show when too many have been selected

when i click the items for a customer , can the allocated go into a minus number? just stays a NIL regardless of further checking of boxes

Hello @pelican

I can just want to be sure that I’m on the same wavelength :slight_smile:

Am I correct in thinking that on a bank statement screen, you want “tagged” items to show an opposite value to what they are on the statement themselves?

If so, do you have a particular use case for this?

when i connect multiple receipts to paid lump sum figure(tag) it keeps allowing tick selection, if i check any by mistake it shows 2000 allocated when there is 2400 checked it don’t show an over allocation amount -400 (opps)

Got it :+1:

I’ve moved the thread to the feature request section and updated the title. We’ll keep an eye on the interest in this going forward.

Thank you for your suggestion!