Tagging not working on PayPal Account Feed

Hi, I hope ive put this in the right area, I am able to tag payments from all the accounts on our QF but for some reason it is just ‘loading’ on the paypal bank transactions. I click TAG, then select the receipt payment referes too and then it just loads, it doesnt actually tag. Its only been dong this the past couple of days and all other banks are tagging as usual, does anybody else have this problem, or can shed any light on what has happened? Thanks

Which item are you tagging on the PayPal Statement (date & amount)? Can you provide some steps to reproduce this behaviour?


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i am in my paypal account trying to tag the payments against receipts, it allows me to select the purchase it belongs too but then doesnt get past this loading wheel.

Can you let me know the following please:

OK I had a look at that item for £16.45 but it was tagged by the time I checked. I untagged and retagged it to the same item and it worked fine. If you can provide any further examples I’ll take a look for you, so far I’m not able to replicate any problems.


I have a similar problem with PayPal account feeds.

Every time I pay postage through PayPal to Ebay the transaction is recorded but it is not auto tagged.

Every transaction have as a reference this pattern: eBay Intl AG (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
I have edited my rule this way:

However the items are not being tagged… even with after i save and new feeds are coming in.
I would appreciate any help.

We will have a look at this for you and report back.


We found some contention between bank tagging rules and PayPal auto-tagging that resulted in your tagging rule being ignored. We’ve just implemented a fix that should ensure the above-mentioned rule gets triggered automatically in future.

We ran this on the last batch of transactions and those EBay items did get auto-tagged. I will mark this as “solved” for now but let me know if there are any further issues.

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