Tagging one invoice and two transaction

I have been using the quickfile for a short time and I am learning it myself.

One of my suppliers issued a invoice for the purchase of two things, but in a bank transaction they were paid separately, so I have 2 transactions with different prices, and one invoice with the sum of these two prices. Can I tagg both of these transactions to these invoice, despite a different price?

Yes. Create the purchase invoice manually but leave it unpaid, then when you tag the bank transactions select “payment to a supplier” and then “pay down multiple invoices…”. Even though the button says “multiple invoices” it works for any situation where you want to apply a payment to an invoice where the values don’t exactly match, it’s just as good for two payments on one invoice as it is for one payment applied to two invoices.

Thank you for quick answer.
But this transaction is already paid, can I still assign this invoice to these transactions?
Yes I found post about many purchases and one invoice, but I wasn’t sure, that’s why I asked.

Hi @justa

I just wanted to confirm - is the invoice already marked as paid (and if so, how is this done?), and you want to instead tag the two bank transactions to the one invoice?

Well, I dont know how to tag this transactions, that’s why I am here with a question. The account on QuickFile is connected to a bank account, so I can see all operations on the bank account. Now someone bought 2 things and paid for them when buying using a company account, and I received the invoice on which both purchased items

You mentioned the following above:

What do you mean “this transaction is already paid”? Do you mean that the invoice has been marked as paid, or the transaction is already tagged?

The transaction is marked as paid, I didn’t tag yet

There’s a bit of confusion around terminology here. In QuickFile terms a transaction is something in a bank account which can be either tagged or untagged, an invoice (or purchase) is an item on the sales or purchases list which can be paid or part paid or unpaid.

If you have a purchase which is already marked as paid then there will be one or more existing transactions tagged to it, in some bank account - possibly not the current account - and it sounds like you may need to delete that/those payment(s) and start over. At the top of the purchase details page there’s a link to the payment or payments assigned to the purchase:


Click through to that to view the payment and from there you can see which account it was assigned to, and delete it if it is indeed wrong. Once this is done and the purchase is back to “unpaid” then you can use the “pay down multiple…” trick above to assign the correct payments.

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