Tagging one payment to multiple clients

i have just started a ltd company and am not sure how to tag /enter
how can i tag multiple small petty cash payments from different customers paid in under one paying in slip? i have already logged the payments directly into quickfile petty cash bank but do not know how to enter the payin in slip total against the individual amounts.

do i actually need to enter that in from the bank statement if the individual payments are already in there? is that what is meant by earlier post response in

. Split the Original Deposit

In this case you would delete the original lump deposit on the account and substitute it for the split payments. You can then tag these split payments separately. The end of day balance totals are unaffected so from an accounting point of view this is fine, and also the quickest method.
i appreciate any advice here as this is new to me
many thanks

Hi @termeek

If you have payments to multiple clients that have been paid in as one deposit in the bank, you would need to split them.

There’s two ways you can do this.

  1. Delete the bulk payment, and create multiple small payments. Or,
  2. Tag the bulk payment to a holding account, and tag individual payments from there

Either way, the outcome is the same.

If, for arguments sake, you have 50 invoices paid in one day and all under the one deposit, follow one of the above steps, and then go to your invoice overview, click all of the ones you want to mark as paid:

Click ‘Update as Paid’, and fill in the details. I’ve opted for a manually entered date here to reflect the date of the deposit. Simply select the correct bank account, and the date, and click save.

QuickFile will then create multiple small payments for each of the relevant invoices for you, and save you the time!

If you need further help or clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

It isn’t clear of these are cash sales or settlements for small invoices. If the former do you really need to track individual purchases?

You don’t need to - the deposit to the bank account is simply a single transaction tagged as a “bank transfer between accounts” (from petty cash to current account).

Thanks Ian this seems to be the easiest solution. I presume that at the end of the day the petty cash and current a/c will balance so it doesn’t matter as the individual payments are recorded anyway. Is that correct?

The payments are all fairly small individual cash payments between £5- 55. Which I have already entered into the petty cash bank… The suggestion. Below is to tag the bulk deposit as a transfer between accounts to and this seems to make sense to me and looks less complicated than any other proposed solution so far.

You can (and should) only record the cash coming in to your business at one point, which in this case is where the customer gave you the cash or cheque and you marked their invoice as “paid” into your petty cash account. Movements of funds between petty cash, bank account, etc. are just bank transfers as far as your books are concerned so it’s fine to batch them up as a single transaction.

I always aim to keep QuickFile’s view of my bank current account exactly in sync with the bank’s own view - there’s a single deposit transaction on your bank statement so you enter a single “bank transfer” in QuickFile.

Thanks for your truly clear explanation this I have tagged the deposit as you suggested. As a bank transfer,

I’m sure to come up with more queries as I go on. But until such time. Thank you so much for your solution it is the only one that seemed both logical and comprehensible as well as simple to carry out. Much appreciated

Hello, I don’t appear to have a date option for payments in this way as the screenshot shows, do you know why this would be?


Sorry, I have just found my error! Whoops!