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Tagging option to match invoices older than 1 month


I notice a couple of feature requests closed but can’t find if it was implemented. I have a customer who generally pays invoices just over a month after the invoice date when the terms are 30 days. They don’t automatically match the invoice to the payment when bank tagging as I guess the “1 month” range misses them.
Can I suggest one of the following:

  1. A default search range 1 month after the due date not the invoice date
  2. Possibility of search range set by customer
  3. Maybe even require an invoice match
  4. If easiest, just allow the default range to be set to e.g. 3 months
    Don’t mind how really - I just want tagging to find the invoice when it exists but is a little overdue.


Hi @eglesb

You can currently amend the default search by going to Account Settings >> Advanced Features and amending the Search Range on Bank Tagging option.


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