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Tagging part payments to an invoice from Bank feed


I have an invoice issued to a supplier for £ 85.
I incorrectly paid only £80 to the supplier, this £80 showed on my automatic bank feed and I tagged it to the invoice. The invoice now shows ‘paid in part’.
A few days later I paid the outstanding £5 which now shows on my automatic bank feed as a red ‘tag me’ icon. But I can’t tag this as the outstanding £5 to the invoice.
Quickfile when looking to tag bank feed amounts seems to only search totals, ie will match a £100 payment to a £100 invoice. It does not search / match amounts to outstanding part paid invoices.
How can I tag this £5??? I don’t want to create a second £5 invoice as this is just sloppy accounting work around.


Payment to a supplier -> pay down multiple invoices or assign to a supplier account.

Although the button says multiple invoices it works just as well for assigning a part payment to one invoice.


Thanks for the solution Ian, perfect.


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