Tagging Partial Balances to Bank accout

I take card payments via Worldpay & do not have am E Commerce Account. When I try to tagg to invoice, I am struggling to do this, as the amount credited are maybe two transactions & partial balances (as we take 50 % deposit on orders) there is no option for a Partial tagg for each customer, is there a way to sort this out?

When you click tag me you select the customer and then select pay down multiple invoices. You then allocate the payment to one of those invoices.

The balance outstanding will remain and you follow the same process until its fully paid.


Let me give you an example I have two Invoices one for £1000 & one for £1200. So I have a credit card total payment for £1100, £500 needs to be allocated to the first invoice & £600 allocated to the second invoice, there is no option for this?

In that case delete the credit card entries and re enter them splitting it to the relevant amounts making sure to date the transactions the same as the original entry.

Or delete the original entry and add a payment from the invoices themselves, which will automatically add the transactions.

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