Tagging partially paid invoices automatically

Evening Guys,

Just wandering if any one else has this issue. For example if I have a sales/purchase invoice of £500.00 and i have made/received a partial payment of £350.00. Initially, I would have to manually tag this against a client/supplier. If a week later the remaining £150.00 is either paid in/out, why can qf not detect invoice which is partially paid and has £150 balance remaining to pay. I have to manually tag the remaining which is time-consuming.

Am i doing something wrong or does qf not have this feature?

Thanks in advance

Nothing your doing is wrong. That’s how it is. But I’d imagine it takes all of 5 seconds longer to manually tag

True say if its a one off. But when its scores of invoices on a daily basis, it starts to get annoying!

But how does Quickfile know that the £150 is for that invoice? What if you make another purchase for £150?

What the op is saying is it could bring up all invoices Inc partially paid as a result I guess.

I am not asking for it to show only one purchase- it would help if there was a feature to show what invoices have x amount matching as opposed to not having any suggestions and manually input the supplier/client.

Oh. Looks like I was misled by the word ‘automatically’.

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