Tagging Partially paid

I have an invoice that I created for £120

I manually logged a payment of £20 a few months ago as the customer paid a deposit so the invoice showed PARTIAL as the status

today the customer paid the remainder online using payal.

in my linked paypal account the payment is showing. when I select TAG and select payment from customer it does not find the invoice in the list as original invoice was £120

if I manually pay the invoice, it creates a new entry in my paypal account so I have a duplicate

how can I tag this invoice as paid?

“Payment from a customer” -> “pay down multiple invoices…”

Despite the name, this tool is the way to go when you need to assign any payment that doesn’t exactly match an invoice total, whether it’s a partial payment for one invoice, a bulk payment for several, or a prepayment of an amount you haven’t yet invoiced.

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thanks, that did it!

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