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Tagging, paying supplier invoices

We get a lot of cheques which we pay in as a batch. When I upload the bank statement I am unsure how to deal with this batch figure both in terms of making sales invoices as paid and in tagging the bank account. Current process is to mark the inv paid mannually from the current acct on a daily basis. We then upload the bank statement at the end of the month and tag these.

Where sales invoices have been manually paid, am I ok to delete the imported statement line as I have a Tagged, mannual line anyway.

Where a bulk payment has been made, I read in Help that a way around this would be to have a Split Payment Holding Bank Account. Would I then mark individual invoices as paid from the Split Payment acct and transfer the uploaded payment into that account?

You can delete entries if you manually mark them as paid.

You can have a holding account to split the payment if you wish.

However what I do is delete the original entry and then input manually each cheque that was paid in with seperate amounts and pay down invoices that way.
Note to mark them as cheque 1 of 4 etc.

The bank balance will still match so its not really an issue.

That’s exactly it, and it’s how I deal with it. I don;t like editing/deleting transactions on the accounts that have feeds/imported entries. The holding accounts means your QF bank account reflects your actual bank account. I also use 3rd party payment processors so it also keeps everything in line, cheques are just dealt with in the same way as e.g. any old Stripe/GoCardless payment.

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