Tagging problem

Apologies if this doesn’t make sense. When I receive a payment from a customer into my bank account I update QF by paying down the appropriate invoice with the same date as appears on my bank statement. After uploading my bank statement, I have a number of ‘untagged’ receipts (as well as payments). When I try to tag them to the relevant transaction, QF is not able to find the transaction at all. I can find the transaction in QF (that I have previously entered) on exactly the same date and amount that is detailed on my bank statement… The only way I can get QF to tag is by me deleting the payment transaction I put in originally so that it can find an outstanding invoice. I should say that it has tagged the majority automatically but left about 400 untagged all with the same issue. Am I missing something obvious here please?

Hi @craig2world

I just want to be sure I’ve understood correctly -

  • you log a payment against an invoice on QuickFile manually
  • you upload a bank statement
  • you then try to tag the uploaded statement to the same invoice as above

Is that correct?

yes to point 1 and 2. 3.

With the uploaded statement, Qf then wants us to tag an already manually tagged invoice.


When you upload the statement, the system will check for duplicate entries based on date and amount. Providing these 2 things conflict, you should be prompted to either skip it, or save it. Is this not the case in your scenario?

With duplicate entries, you can safely remove them. If the invoice has already been marked as paid in full, you’re not able to tag any further transactions to it. One way to avoid this potentially is skip marking them as paid straight away, and do this only when you upload the statement.

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