Tagging purchases to different categories from the bank

Hi Glenn
On this particular screen when tagging a purchase, is it possible to add a box for ‘amount to allocate’ to that category i.e. Furniture & Fittings.

And if the amount to allocate is not as much as the amount in the bank account, then an option to add another category pops up?

Please ignore the yellow highlights as i have copied it from another post.

Is this possible?


Where you have a mixed category entry you would add a purchase invoice first where you can split the Nominal categories and then tag that bank entry to that invoice… Well, that’s how I would tackle it!

Happy QF user…

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In bank tagging no I’m afraid this is not possible. If you introduce multiple categories then you also need multiple VAT allocations for standard and exempt items. I’ll leave it open as a feature for others to add their vote.

Hi BanksyBoy, i agree with your method, but you need to do the additional step of creating a purchase invoice.
I want to request a direct approach i.e. straight from bank tagging.

Hi Glenn
I agree, each category will need its VAT box.

Hopefully we can get more votes in for this.

Thanks both of you