Tagging reimbursement of hotel expenses by an airline

One night at AMS lots of flights were cancelled and the airline ran out of hotel rooms. I found one myself, paid the bill and later the airline reimbursed me directly to my bank account.

I can’t tag the reimbursement as a refund because there is no matching transaction with the airline.

I could raise an invoice on the airline and tag the reimbursement as payment.

I have the airline set up as a supplier, could I use the refund from credit on account method?

Is there a better solution?

If you paid from your business account and got refund in same account then you can do two thing

  1. do nothing, as its contra entry
  2. Do journal as follows
    Dr Hotel exp
    Cr Bank
    Dr Bank
    Cr hotel exp
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Thanks for that. I couldn’t leave it untagged so I have tagged the payment as a credit to Hotel expenditure. “reimbursement of hotel by airline”

I see that has created a credit to hotels and a credit to the bank account… which seems OK.