Tagging sold items with 0Vat on postage

Hi All,
Sometimes I sell on my website abroad and the shipping company creates invoices without Vat.
How to tag it properly
I sold an item with a price of 30 pounds and postage 25 pounds to Israel on my website.
I found postage 20 pounds (invoice 20 pounds no VAT)
On PayPal bank account I have 55 pounds Money IN.
Can I create a new record with
–35 pounds with 20% vat
–20 ponds with 0% vat (should I connect it somehow to postage invoice?)
or I have to tag it all with 20% vat?

If you’re exporting outside the EU then I don’t think you have to charge VAT at all, but I’d check with an accountant to be sure.

Hi Ian,
You right. I don’t sell so much outside EU but I found there is no VAT on such sales.

If you sell, supply or transfer goods out of the UK to someone in another country you may need to charge VAT on them. You can zero rate most supplies exported outside the European Union (EU), or sent to someone who’s registered for VAT in another EU country.

If you sell goods or services to someone in another EU country, who is not VAT-registered, you charge VAT in the normal way.

That was my reading too - you just have to make sure you keep the proof that the items actually left the UK (e.g. print out the proof of delivery or the parcel tracking page from the courier).