Tagging Stripe payments

I imported my stripe payments into quickfile and also synced my bank records.
As stripe makes a bulk deposit every 7 days period, how do i tag the single payments that make up this bulk payment?

For example, if received 5 payments of £20 each totalling £100.then get paid £96.60 by stripe.
When i sync my bank records, i tag the £96.60 as payments from stripe, however on my quickfile stripe account, the individual payments are still waiting to be tagged.

How do i clear these off?

I’d recommend taking a look at the following guide:

Handling Payments from Merchant Accounts

Thanks a lot Glenn, wasn’t expecting to get a fast response on Christmas eve.
Any chance you can have a look at my last response on this thread hoping you can point me in the right direction.

Have a very good Christmas.

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