Tagging tax - council and duty

hello - i’m not sure if i’m posting in the correct category or not but i’m wondering how to tag council tax payments and beer duty payments (i work at a microbrewery) in the bank tagging. the only three hmrc options are PAYE, VAT or corporation tax. i’ve created a new category for beer duty which i can appreciate might not be a standard entry for all businesses. does anyone else have this posting issue with council tax or any duty payments? thank you! -mike.

can you please help me?
I am working for a subletting agency. So we have deposits payed to our bank. I cannot make any invoice for it as its not income, but it is on the bank statement. And I also don’t know how can I tag if I pay back the deposits. And also how can I pay back if it is payed in an earlier period which is not on your system? Or how can I pay back any invoice which is not in your system?

I also have another company, which made the annual statement throughout your system, but nothing happened. Someone told me, that I should sign something, but I didn’t get anything to sign and he doesn’t answer to me. I paid for this service.