Tagging with Paydown multiple invoices shows "No unpaid invoices found for this client"

I have 2 invoices in state SEND on one of the clients. They paid both of them with a single bank payment. When I try to Pay down multiple invoices it shows “No unpaid invoices found for this client.”

I selected the client from a dropdown menu, so there should be no typo error
In client details I can see two unpaid invoices.

The invoices are in different currency (EUR), the payment from the bank feed is in GBP (this was working OK previously for a single invoice, single payment).

Is this an issue / what’s the workaround ?

Hi @p10tRW

Paying multiple invoices in a different currency isn’t currently supported. If it was just one invoice, or they were both GBP, then it would work.

There are 3 ways you could approach this:

  1. Create a dummy EUR bank account, tag the GBP payment as a transfer to the dummy account, and pay the invoices from the EUR bank account

  2. On the invoice view, tick the multiple invoices and select “Update as Paid”, which would allow you to enter both GBP and EUR values. This will create a new single bank transaction for you, and you can just delete the original

  3. Mark the invoices as paid from the invoice view, which would create 2 separate corresponding GBP transactions for you. Then you can just delete the original

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