Tags in receipt hub not saved


Whenever I tag to a specific project a receipt from receipt hub, the associated purchase is not tagged. Could you have a look at it?


Hi @cedev

Are you noticing this with any particular project tags?

No, with two of them (I only used these two recently)

Thanks for confirming.

I’ve tried to replicate this using both new and existing project tags, but they seem to be saving all ok for me.

Can I just double check - when you type in the name to search for a tag, are you selecting the tag itself and it appears in the project tags box all ok?

Would you be able to walk me through the steps you’re taking so I can try to replicate it please?

Yes they appear and I click on the correct one to select it.

  1. I select the receipt
  2. enter the amount
  3. click on “Create Purchase”
  4. enter the details in the order they appear
  5. start to type the name of the project tag
  6. click on the project name in the list
  7. click payment has been made in full
  8. select the account
  9. finish

I made a small variation in my process and I did not marked it as paid in full. In this case, it saved the tag correctly.

Thank you @cedev.

I’ve just tried creating a purchase with a project tag, with the “payment has been made in full” option ticked, but the project tag is still being added all OK on my side:

Let me send you a private message to get a few more specific details about your account and we’ll take a closer look for you.