Tags report on estimates not working

We use the tag feature on invoices and estimates and it has been working ok but for some reason today it’s not working properly.

If I go into reports, projects, project management I can see the tags, if I then click on view detail on one associated with estimates, I then have the show tagged items with the number of items in brackets, the number in brackets is correct but if I then click this it then takes me to the screen which should show the estimates associated with that tag but it then says no items found?

It works perfectly for invoice tagged but not estimates?

Hi @march1972,

I have asked one of my colleagues to have a look into this for you.

I will update you as soon as I hear anything

Hi @march1972

This should now be resolved - apologies for that!

Would you mind checking and just letting us know how you get on please?

yes all working again now, thanks.


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