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Taking over clients from old accountant

Hi, I have just signed up for an Affinity account and am looking to ‘port’ a number of clients over from the previous accountant.

The previous accountant’s subscription has lapsed therefore I believe I will need to ask each client to remove themselves from the old Affinity account then wait to be invited to mine.

  1. Can someone let me know how the client does this. The easier the better
  2. Is there another option?

Many thanks in anticipation

Hi @pottedbeef

If the previous Affinity subscription has lapsed, we will disconnect the accounts automatically.

However, this can be checked on the individual QuickFile accounts by going to Account Settings >> Team Management. Providing the user is the administrator, they will also see the option here to disconnect the accounts.

To reconnect them, you would just need to invite them to link accounts with you through your Affinity account dashboard.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @QFMathew,

Is it possible to log a ticket about this with yourselves? The old accountant looked to have set everything up but his account has now lapsed but it seems the clients are still attached to it.


Sure - you can send us a private message here: New Message to QFSupport

Send us a few details and we can take a look to see how we can help.

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