Tax return accountant

Morning, in previous years I’m pretty sure that there has been a popup offering me to request quotes from an accountant for my annual tax return. My tax year ended 7 days ago, and I can’t figure out where to find this feature this time around. Am I being a dork and missing its obviousness? Or where can this feature now be found please?

Do you see an option on top right of QF

Hello @kba

Is your account still connected with an accountant? If you’re unsure, it would show up in Account Settings >> Team Management.

I believe so, yes. His name is there. But I am open to working with a different person this year.

Thanks for this. But, nope - not there…

If you’re connected to an Affinity account (which would be your accountant’s account), we won’t show the year end comparison service. You should be able to disconnect it from the team management page which then means your account becomes a standalone account.

The year end comparison service would then appear in Help >> Additional Services. You may need to log out and back in however to see this take effect.

Ah ha! Removed him and now I see what I expected to see! Thanks again for your speedy help, much appreciated!

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