Team Management - individual invoice editing restrictions

I have set up a new user to create invoices and I would like her to be able to edit them but although i have ticked this box she cannot view invoices to edit. I only want her to be able to view and edit her own invoices is this possible please?

Hi Paula,

Unfortunately at this time the privileges are applied to all invoices and there is no way to control user level access to specific invoices or clients.

I am happy if you wish to convert this to a “feature request” so we can track interest going forward?

Hi Matthew.

Yes, I would like this to be a feature request, please.

Many thanks.


No problem! I’ve amended that for you. We’ll keep an eye on the interest from the community and will happily investigate further if there is enough demand.

+1 from me for this!

Yes, ideally by allocating clients to users - if the user has a ‘restricted’ rather than ‘all invoices’ flag set.

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Yes, that would work well for me