Temporarily disable invoice reminders

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to temporarily disable invoice reminders for our entire account?

The reason is for holiday purposes. We would like new (recurring) invoices to be e-mailed out but we would like to stop reminder e-mails. Whilst we’re away, we will not be checking the account and we do not want to potentially send out a reminder in case the customer has already made the payment.

Thank you for your help.

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Just turn off the reminder emails before you leave and turn them on when you return.

Hi @favdes, go to Account Settings main screen and select Automated invoice reminders, here disable credit control:

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Hi Peter,

I think this only stops e-mail reminders for new invoices though, doesn’t it? If a reminder has already been sent, additional reminders will still continue to be sent?

Shout at me if I’m wrong :0)

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If you’re going on holiday I would suggest just stopping the automated reminders from getting sent.

When you come back you’ll see a list of reminders on your dashboard that would have been sent, but that you can now manually approve.

Then select which ones you want to send or disgard.

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