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Tesco Bank issues


Is anyone else having issues lately with using the Yodlee feed with Tesco Bank Credit Cards?
In the last few weeks it’s stopped working for me. I can refresh the feed, But it doesn’t seem to set itself up as a “trusted computer” anymore because when I wake up each morning there is a SMS from Tesco with a one time passcode, Which I’m assuming is yodlee trying to login. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this please?



Hi @Jsmith9114

This isn’t something I’ve seen reported. Do you know if Tesco have changed their processes at all recently?

If you manually refresh the feed, are you still prompted for the code or does it refresh all OK?


Well, I can’t see anything different if I login on their website.

If I refresh it does ask me for the code, and then downloads transactions, It just then doesn’t work the next day.



It sounds like a one-time code (as in, it changes at each login)?

If that’s the case, it’s not possible to automate it because of the way of Tesco Bank have set up their security.


The one time code is not a new thing, when logging in direct, If you are logging in from an unknown computer you have to enter the one time code, then you’d normally tick “remember computer” and then you don’t have to do the code part on future logins. Is this not something Yodlee can do?



I don’t believe this is something that Yodlee does support, although I will certainly raise it with them.