Textlocal linked with quickfile

I use TextLocal in my Quickfile account to also send a text message to clients

clients mobilenumber 447......@txtlocal.co.uk as the second contact and then select the contact when sending email. You must have a textlocal account with purchased credits - after your message type ## so dose not send signature or in textlocal change settings so only the sugject bar is sent.

play about with it. clients love getting a text aswell as an email…

shame they are not linked partners

Having some SMS integration wouldn’t be a bad thing! Although we aren’t likely to get that involved with bulk sending and scheduling, which is more in the realm of CMS rather than accounting.

I have some experience with TeleMessage but I haven’t used TextLocal before. If we were to implement this we would most likely just go with the most popular vendor.

If an extra email box was set up in client account on setup that would work. just for this purpose all we would have to do is add the clients mobile number followed by @txtlocal.co.uk. At the moment i have to add extra contact and enter the mobile/number- also the tokens in emails work when emailing so they can open estimate on mobile. Good to mess around haha.