The PDF version does not take the layout changes made in editor

Dear all,
In order to give more space to my logo, I moved down some other items on my customised invoice using the editor. It looks good while editing but the PDF view for printing does not seem to take the changes: logo is still squeezed.
Any help is much appreciated!

Unfortunately the tool for converting the html invoice to PDF does not always faithfully reproduce what you see in the HTML view (i.e. on the web page). The PDF converter only interprets basic CSS and has a few additional quirks. If you’re ok with it I can have a look on your account to see if I can get the PDF view to match your html view?

This wold be extremely kind, Glen!

My invoices and estimates do usually not contain many items in the main body, therefor I want to move the itemised body down in order to get a more balanced layout and to have the logo stand “alone”

Thanks for helping again!

Ok take a look now, I’ve fixed the logo positioning so it’s appearing vertically aligned to the top margin in the PDF. I’ve also nudged down the itemised section by applying a margin of 100px to the item container. If you want to fine tune this just play around with the highlighted value.

Hope that helps!

Perfect, Glen! I like my new layout!

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