The value of the purchase must be greater than zero

Just starting with QuickFile and straight away came up with the error “The value of the purchase must be greater than zero” when trying to enter a purchase.

The value is greater than zero and even when a “-” is put in front still same error. Any idea? This does seem quite elementary.

Are you able to post a screenshot of the purchase you are trying to create? It may be something simple, but without seeing it, it’s difficult to tell.

If needed, block out the supplier name and item description before posting

I have come across this when wanting to create a zero valued invoice, I.e sometimes I need to create a FOC invoice so our customers accounts can tie up purchase orders


Here is a screen shot. The transaction is an out of pocket expense.

You have a purchase for £0, you then pay £29.99 against it. The total is -£29.99, which is obviously less than zero.

What are you expecting to happen here? You’ve either missed a step or there is another way of going about what you’re trying to do.

Thanks Lurch, you’ve just pointed out the very obvious thing that I wasn’t entering the invoice value in the right place - bleeding obvious now!

All sorted