Timeouts aplenty today

Am I the only person experiencing lots of timeouts when loading new pages today? Took me nearly an hour to create and send an invoice!

We’re not seeing any problems on our side as yet. We’re running a few tests but everything is running smoothly.

Definitely issues! I’m having no problem with other parts of the web.

Can you please post some screenshots? Are you seeing any specific error messages?

As I posted in another topic;

Our servers are idling along, no resource issues on our side. I called our data center and there apparently is a problem further down steam with a major route (I believe from UK to Europe). This would have impact beyond QuickFile, although may not affect all ISPs and all websites. I’ll let you know if I found out anything more.

Thanks for the follow up @Glenn!
We have the same issue today with lots of timeouts/sluggish performance. First we have thought it was the internet connection but everything else is fine.
Hope it will resolve soon!

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