To part pay on direct debit

I add have a customer who makes payment via childcare voucher and then I have to wait for it clearing before I apply a request to direct debit. Meaning a 5 day cash flow restriction.

Can there not be a feature to request a set amount of direct debit so that I request a part payment the minute I know the vouchers are in the clearing process?

The only workaround I have seen is to apply a payment early, send the direct debit request then delete the early payment so the bank feed does not duplicate.

Hi @tumshie

Thank you for the suggestion.

While this doesn’t exist on the invoice itself, you can do this from the client view screen by going to the more options menu. Once the Direct Debit has cleared this will add a prepayment on their account for you to allocate to an invoice.

We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and comment to, and we’ll happily take a closer look if there’s enough interest.