Total invoiced and total received different on dashboard

Hi -trying to get to grips with software. Currently populating with data, in order to generate a VAT return, but have real trouble understanding some of the displayed data. For example for a particular month on dash board we have something like: Total invoice £5,000 Total received £3,000 yet all invoices show up (correctly) as paid (in a mixture of bank transfer and cash). What is causing this? It is playing havoc with the VAT calulations.
Similarly only a fraction of our purchases seem to be taken into account in the calculations, is there anything we should look out for?

Were they all paid during the period you’re looking at? An invoice raised on 30th March and paid on 2nd April would show on your dashboard as paid up but would not show as payment received in a VAT return up to the end of March.

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Yes you are quite correct -it is an entry error on our part as the payments date was not entered correctly, so defaulting to the day when they were entered in the system (unfortunately during a different period). Lots of correcting to do :frowning: