Total of purchases and total on VAT return

Hello, my total purchases and the total on the VAT return does not tally, I’m wondering why? Can anybody help since I’m due to submit my VAT return in a couple of weeks please. Thanks

Hi @MrsT,

The best way to have a look is to download the breakdown of the VAT return - this will show you what is included.

The reason they may be different could be down to dates of transactions - if you are cash accounting then the date of the payment is what is looked at rather than the invoice date.

Hope this helps

Hi QFBeth,
Thanks for your quick response. I will do that and hope I’m able to rectify the discrepancy.


I am having similar problems where it is calculating VAT based on all my invoices since I set up the Quickfile account. What do I need to do to those invoices so that it is only doing it for the last 3 months?


Hi @NickD

If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns and then VAT Settings, you can set a start date. This acts like a cut off, so anything prior to that date won’t be included.

As always however, just download your calculations just to be sure everything that needs to be included, is.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick reply, that’s sorted it out!


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