Track Changes Made to Invoice

New to quick file and forum so please excuse if this is a silly question.

I made a change to an Invoice a while back, i think I changed a total by mistake while amending it and now I’m in a whole word of confusion.
I can see that changes have been tracked on the recent event section but the links on each change seem identical.
What I would like to do is be able to see the old version of the invoice that i changed.

Does this make sense - is this possible.

All help greatly appreciated.

Paul :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, not a silly question at all!

Unfortunately we don’t store historic copies of every invoice modification. It requires a great deal of resources (disk space) to do this for 10s of thousands of accounts and unfortunately not feasible for a free service.

As you’ve noticed however we do log when changes are made but not specific details about that change.

How long ago back did you make this change?

I’m pleased to inform that this feature has now been implemented:

Just had a dispute on a revised invoice - Will look forward to using this implementation

It will hopefully make it easier to solve these sorts of problems. Although the revisions are only tracking from yesterday so I’m afraid it may not be applicable here.

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