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Tracking a purchase order from my client

hi i wish to track a purchase order that a client has issued to me in hrs so i have agreed an horly rate however i want to monitor hrs used on my contract and raise invoices against the purchase order reference ? where do i go to in Quickfile to do this?

Hi @markb125

You may find that using Project Tags is the best way - you can use the PO number for the tag and then you will be able to run reports based on that tag

More information on this can be foundhere: Projects in QuickFile

Hi thx i understand how i can tag invoices however the PO itself is for a number of hrs and has a value so tracking these to my invoices appears a manual exercise for example where would i keep the PO in my Quickfile account i can scan it in but when i tag that to the project it becomes a doc listed in the project? then how can i track the hrs and or the value of the PO against the invoices?

Hi @markb125

There is no way to do this at the moment. You can create Purchase Orders to send out but there isn’t anywhere to record Sales Orders

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