Transfer purchase/sales data to VAT return

I need to file a VAT return covering Jan-March 2019. I have entered all sales and purchase invoices for that period in the QF system where it says Enter new purchase and Create new invoice. That seemed fine and I saved all the entries. I then went to the Create New VAT Return. I entered the date range 1/1/2019-31/3/2019 but the form came up blank with £0.00 in each box. I assumed that the information I had saved for sales and purchases would automatically be loaded into the VAT return form ready for me to submit. Why doesn’t this work?

Hi @Hyperman

There are a few things to check here, such as:

  • Are you on cash or actual accounting for VAT? If it’s cash and your invoices aren’t marked as paid, they won’t be included

  • If you’re on accrual accounting, are your invoices dated correctly?

  • Have you entered a VAT start date in your settings? Anything prior to the start date is ignored

On my VAT settings it gives the start date as 1/4/2019. That must be the cause of the problem. Thanks.

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