Transfer transaction not showing in one of the accounts

Hi, I have a transaction between bank accounts that is showing in the destination account but not in the account it has left. 1050 AUD left the account on 5/7/14 and entered into the destination account on the same day for 563.62 GBP. The 1050 AUD is not showing that it left the account and the balance reflects that (i.e. its 1050 USD more than it should be). It was ok at the time of the accounts being done as I wrote the balance down and what I wrote down is the correct figure to the bank statement, I would have wrote the figure from my accounts not the bank. The destination account shows the transaction and the correct figure and all is correct with the actual bank statement. its Tagged as “This transaction is tagged to the category HGC PayPal AUD Account.” so it claims to be tagged from a transaction coming from the AUD account but nothings there to match it.

Any Ideas?

My colleague did have a look at your account and couldn’t see an anomolies with that particular transactions, it’s visible on the source and receiving accounts. I just also double checked and can see the transactions on both.

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