Transferring transactions from nominal account

Hi again majestic technical team at quickfile! We have noticed that there is the possibility to automatically transfer transactions from one nominal account to another in the P&L nominal accounts. What a great feature. However we cannot see this facility in the Balance sheet nominal accounts. Any chance of implementing this? This would be a great time saver as we would not have to journal these or correct via bank retagging when clients have made mistakes.
Thank you :blush:

At the moment the re-coding tool is restricted to all sales and purchase codes (4000-9997). If the asset code is a purchase type (e.g. office equipment) or a bank code it should however still work.

There are some limitations in the balance sheet range as the system relies on some of these codes internally so allowing users to re-code here would create consistency errors. Debtor and creditor control, VAT codes are a couple of examples where we can’t allow users to re-code using this tool.

Hi Glenn,

Could you make this feature available for affinity users? They would be generally accountants (hopefully)?