Transfers between accounts - difference in dates

When tagging the transfers between paypal and mastercard, the matching entries can be upto 5 days apart. To make the tagging work, I have to alter the date of one entry to match that of the other. Can we get QF to search over a range of days before/after one of the dates to look for a matching amount?

Hi @GaryWilliams

Unfortunately it’s not going to be possible.

QuickFile works on a double-entry bookkeeping system. If the transactions are a few days apart, then it would throw it out of balance.

You can set up your PayPal feed to ignore payouts, and then you can just tag it from the card/bank account side of things.

Set up an intermediate banking account that receives the payment from one account and then also receives the funds from the other account. I call them “Suspense” accounts this allows for the difference in dates between the two accounts.

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