Transferwise feed not up to date


I have had another instance where some transactions took longer than 4 days to clear and hence were not imported automatically. The automatic refresh of this morning (07:10) didn’t see them but my manual refresh did (12:51).

19/02/2021 - 2.70€
14/02/2021 - 4.80€

Could you have a look at this issue?


Hi @cedev,

The automatic feed will only look back a couple of days whereas when you click the manual refresh button you can set it back further. This will be why they got pulled through with one and not the other.

We have extended the lookback on the automatic feed so that it looks back 6 days. This should hopefully be enough time for similar payments to clear and be brought in automatically going forward

Thank you for this.

Would tracking “in progress” transactions not be a more definitive fix?

Hi @cedev

Unfortunately that option isn’t available through their API, but it would be great if it was :slight_smile:

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