Trial balance import creating suspense account entry

Issue with a client that imported opening balance journal to the TB. Set the date of the journal to year end (31/12) and none of the entries appear in the TB. Set the date to 30/12 and all the entries appear in the TB report.

Further. TB balances fine at year-end yet , when brought forward, the system creates suspense account entry of £6,400 which is precisely equal to the closing balance on the director loan account which it lists as brought forward from the previous year. No such transaction

Bizzare behavoir that suggests an issue with the database for this client?

Are you using default nominals or your own? Perhaps when you lock the year end, it’s not moving your created nominals to the correct places hencr why there’s a suspense account entry.

Thanks for the suggestion. There’s nothing exotic about the nomimals. It appears the system is creating a debit entry to the suspense account for the balance coming forward on the director loan account (1201) despite the fact that the closing TB for the prior is fully balanced

Yeah that shouldn’t be happening. Perhaps @QFMathew can take a lot on Monday for you.

Hi @Adrian55

I’ve just sent you a private message in regards to this issue.
If you look in the top right corner of the screen, you should have a green notification which will take you to the message.

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