Trouble uploading Co-op / Santander bank statements

Trying to upload files from online co-op bank and they are only saved as HTM files so can’t upload them. Puzzled!

Have now managed to save as txt file but now getting error message saying there is no row at position 0

Hi Ann,

HTM files are web pages, so they wouldn’t be a valid format for QuickFile. We can accept CSV, QIF and OFX files.

With Santander we do support TXT files but not for any other bank. For Co-op do you have any option to export as CSV? Is this a personal or business bank account?

It’s a business account from FSB which I manage via the post office where it’s a Santander account (just to be confusing). I tried to export it to Excel but it wasn’t doing that either. The ‘save’ button automatically saves it as a txt file

If the files you already have are .htm or .html, you won’t be able to convert them to .csv or .txt as they’re not interchangable.

On the internet banking page, you should have an option to either download your transactions as a .txt or a .csv file (there’s also a .pdf option, but we don’t support this for imports).

There’s a short guide that I found on the Santander website that you may find useful. Take a look here.

Woo hoo! Success! Enough similarities between that guide and the co-op bank website for me to get there in the end. Thank you.

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