Trying to get ready for MTD


Up until now I have only been using QF as an invoicing system. I’m trying to get organised for MTD as we currently have a paper based accounts system.

At the moment I have 2 years worth of invoices sat on my dashboard. I love the invoicing element but need to know what I do with these and how to move forward.
I can’t see clearly in the help sections what I’m meant to do and how I use it properly.

Can someone please advise, is there a step by step process detailing what I need to do I seem to be going round in circles.
Many thanks in advance

Hi @Demelza

Invoices are in draft form in the first instance, until they’re marked as “SENT” (e.g. emailed to your client). This is basically the same as “Outstanding”. To move an invoice from “SENT” to “PAID”, you need to allocate a payment to it, and how you do this depends on how you work.

One way to do this would be to import a bank statement into QuickFile and tag the transactions to the invoices.

Have you actually issued invoices from QuickFile up until now? What have you been using for your accounts a whole?

Hi @QFMathew

Thank you for getting back to me, I haven’t been using QF as I should but want to get it right and ready before April.

Up until now I have been creating the invoices and then emailing them to customers from our email account not QF as I had other things to send them e.g. course joining instructions and maps.

I have been allocating payment so I know when they’ve been paid but that was more for my records than anything.

Our current accounting system is a book that I have been writing into for all incoming and outgoings. The invoices are printed off and added to the evidence file we have.

I appreciate this is a dated way of doing it, but it worked and I understood it.

Obviously everything now has to be digital, so I’ve started to add suppliers on to the system and need to link our bank account to I can tag things, when I tried this last year as a trial I ended up with duplicates of the QF payments and the payments into the account.

I don’t really know what to start with and what I do with the 673 invoices I have on my dashboard at the moment.
Any suggestions very gratefully recieved

Hi @Demelza

From your previous way of working, do you have a trial balance or balance sheet at all? Perhaps an accountant prepared one at year end?

I would think the best way of working would be to start fresh, especially seems you have documents elsewhere (printed invoices, bank statements, etc.).

If you do have a trial balance or balance sheet, this would act as your opening balances, and you can just change from there.

Maybe this link would be helpful?

Hi @QFMathew
Thank you we do have paperwork from the accountant, year end documentation.

I’ll have a look at starting afresh though, probably easier.

With that in mind though all the clients, inventory and suppliers is that possible to move them across to the new account?

If you delete the data in your existing account you have the option to retain clients and suppliers. Likewise, if you’re starting with a new account, we can copy these across for you.

You should however be able to import a CSV of your inventory

Ok, thank you.
If, no probably when I do get stuck! :rofl: I’ll get in touch.
Thanks again

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